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Essential Elements of a Resume

Every resume should contain key elements to attract potential employers. The following basic tips will help you craft a resume that gets noticed.

Regardless of the style of resume you decide to use, it needs to showcase your experience, abilities, and skills in a clear and concise way. Your resume should include positive and assertive statements about your accomplishments, talents, and knowledge. A resume needs to compel the reader to action, essentially picking up the phone and scheduling an interview with you. To do this, you need to include a few basic elements within your resume.

  • Your contact and personal information. Make sure that your name appears at the top of your resume and that it is written in a larger font than the rest of your resume. It should also include a way for employers to contact you through phone and/or email.

  • Career objective or goal. Although this part is optional, if you are going to include it, make sure that it is specific. Avoid sounding vague and keep it short, no more than three or four lines. You should explain your career goals, expertise, and main strengths. This section needs to be tailored to the specific role or position you are seeking to obtain.
  • Education and training. Always begin with your most recent education which includes your degree or post graduate qualifications. Include the name of the university or college you attended along with the degree title. If you have any special certifications, you can include them here.
  • Work Experience. This is where you will focus most of the employer's attention. Include the dates of employment along with your job title and the name of the company you worked for. The most common way to present this information is chronologically, although some situations call for the use of the functional style where achievements are listed first.  Sometimes, a combination of the two styles are used.
  • Additional Information. If you know any foreign languages you can list them along with any specialized skills. This is especially important for IT and technical jobseekers who need to list software and hardware skills.

Your resume and cover letter need to reflect your qualifications and enthusiasm. Let potential employers know that you are the best person suited for the job by listing all of your relevant achievements on your resume. 

Ensure that the content of the resume is straight to the point and expresses key skills and job responsibilities. Be original and do not copy and paste phrases found in typical resumes. The reader should have a clear understanding of what makes you unique and what you can contribute to their bottom line. 

A well written resume can open the door to new job opportunities. It is the first thing that a potential employer reads and will make a lasting impression. Therefore, it is important that you take time to write a clear description of what you can offer an employer. A resume is also a work in progress, so after you have written one, you still need to update it regularly as you never know what new opportunities you may want to pursue. 

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