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Writing Your Philosophy of Education Statement

Learn about the importance of using a philosophy of education statement for teaching positions.

If you are a teacher looking for a new job, employers will want to see your philosophy of education statement. It is an important part of your teaching portfolio and allows you to communicate your teaching style, objectives, and how your teaching concepts are applied in the classroom setting. The majority of teaching applicants are asked to articulate their teaching philosophy using a philosophy of education statement.

Many teaching candidates are using their philosophy of education statement to distinguish themselves from the competition. The statement should cover various issues but needs to be very clear and concise since it should not be longer than two pages. It should have a straightforward and narrative style. Creative teachers sometimes use a poem format and others might use a question and answer style.

This statement needs to include the following:

  • Teaching perception. In this section, you need to explain your teaching process, what teaching means to you, and how you are able to facilitate this process as a teacher. Factors such as student motivation, the learning process, challenging students academically, and supporting their ability to learn need to be addressed.

  • Learning perception. Here you need to explain what learning means to you and the processes involved. You can draw comparisons to other educational philosophies or relate your view on how students learn based on your past experience as an educator.

  • Teaching objectives. You need to explain your teaching objectives for your students and present the types of skills or abilities you expect your students to obtain. You also need to explain the concept and rationale behind these objectives and how you will keep adjusting them to meet the changing needs of your students.

  • Plan of execution. The most important section of your statement is explaining the different ways in which you will implement your philosophy to help your students achieve their educational goals.

When writing your statement, use the present tense when writing and the active voice which is easiest to read and understand. Include specific examples of your philosophy of teaching so that your readers can visualize how you will interact with students even if they have not visited an actual class that you have taught. Again, make sure that your statement is not longer than two pages unless your prospective employer asks for a more detailed version.  Your philosophy of education should be well thought out. Make sure that you are writing about your personal experiences and beliefs. If you just submit a standardized statement, it will be noticed by the reader and not make much of an impact.

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